Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cleave Your Mark

My first Shirt is from the clothing company Kallusive. Kallusive shirts are Designed to inspire and spark innovation, each piece is carefully thought out to represent the art as well as the message. This Kallusive Piece is called "Cleave Your Mark" and features a large meat cleaver on the front of a red shirt with the Kallusive K and paint drip in the background. The words cleave your mark is across the shirt to the side of the meat cleaver. The back of the shirt has the same paint splatter design as the front and is adorned with the quote "Leave Your Mark in stealth…. never seen, never heard… Brilliant poetic justice fused with the written word… But when they try to hold you back, flip ‘em the bird… And Cleave Your Mark BE SEEN AND BE HEARD!" Also along the sleeves of the shirt are more black paint drips and the red Kallusive tag famous to all Kallusive shirts on the front left neck . This is a pretty cool shirt that is way worth it for what it is and for how little it costs. Check it out at


  1. kallusive shirts are all pretty tight, only thing is is that the tag can be annoying on your neck

  2. I thought the same thing before i got the shirts but now they wear nice