Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scared Friends

Grafitti artists Greg "Craloa" Simkins, and Alex Pardee Have Recently just created a colab peice that the Clothing company, ZeroFriends has turned into a shirt that can be found at for $28. Below is the Latest news from Greg Simkins website,

"Hi Friends!
Me and Alex Pardee have been wanting to create a collaboration piece of art/wearable magic for all of you for some time. Instead of me, Greg, making half of a heart with my fingers and thumb, and then Alex making the other half of a heart with his fingers and thumb, and then us merging those same fingers and thumbs spoken of previously together into one beautiful heart.... we did this: Our VERY FIRST TRUE COLLABORATION t-shirt & print release!"

You can find both Greg Simkins, and Alex Pardee's Art at... and Be sure to check out this shirt Named "Scared Friends" at

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