Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Academy of Undeniable Thieves

"To be recruited by the Academy is more of an opportunity than an honor but nonetheless, the lessons you are taught there have been passed down for thousands of years. The Academy of Undeniable Thieves has no centralized location and is constantly relocating every several hundred years. It is believed to be previously based out of Great Britain but since then has been transitioning to the United States. Recruitment, however, is on an international level. Not much more is known of the institution but because of its considerably lengthy history, many proposed theories exist- however, we are not certain if they are credible. Afterall, the clever folks at the Academy have been known to perpetuate their own red herrings in order to divert attention. If you ask us, they probably keep themselves right out in the plain open. Design contributed by artist and designer C Manuel Galvez. " found at for the low price of $10 these shirts sell out quick so check it out

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